This compact tabletop dishwasher lets you quickly spray-wash your dishes with 80% less water

Sort of like a mini car-wash for your dishes, the Shabosh is equal parts a dish rack and a dishwasher, letting you easily, rapidly, and efficiently wash your dishes. You see, washing dishes by hands is effective, but requires energy, a lot of water, and a general willingness to slave over a kitchen sink and scrub every dish. Dishwashers seem convenient, but are energy-intensive, use a lot of water, and are downright expensive. Designed pretty much as a cross between the two, the Shabosh is a countertop dishwasher that lets you hose down your dishes, using as little as 3 liters of water to get the job done – a staggering 80% lower than dishwashers that can use upwards of 12 liters for the same task. The Shabosh is compact enough to sit on any kitchen counter, and has a clear cabinet design that lets you wash and store your dishes inside it, letting them drip dry but also keeping them on display so you know where your dishes are. Moreover, using the Shabosh takes all of 40 seconds, letting you quickly clean your dishes with pressurized water in less time than it takes to watch a video on TikTok.

Designer: Shabosh

With an aquarium-like aesthetic and a compact footprint, the Shabosh sits perfectly on your kitchen counter or kitchen island. Equipped with an adaptable tray surface that lets you dock all your dishes, pans, bowls, cutlery, glasses, and more, and a patented, high-pressure handheld spray ‘wand’ that atomizes and heats water up to temperatures of 149℉ (65℃), the Shabosh lets you hose food and grease right off your crockery in seconds. Quite like cleaning your car with a high-pressure water spray, Shabosh uses a combination of heat and pressurized water + soap to clean your dishes without soaking, scrubbing, and rinsing them. The aquarium-like glass chamber contains the water spray, keeping your kitchen clean and dry, and the dishes get their dishwasher-like treatment, coming out spic and span with just under a gallon (3 liters) of water. Once washed, leave them to drip dry in the Shabosh and either store them back in your cabinets or take them out to use them again. Simple, eh?

What Shabosh cleverly does is make manual washing fast and easy, all on your countertop so you’re never really left with a kitchen sink that’s filled to the brim with dirty dishes. Just load the dishes right into the Shabosh, plug the appliance in, fill up the tank below with water from your sink, pour a pump or two of your favorite dish soap, and it takes all of 40 seconds to spray your dirty dishes clean. The patented handheld spray wand turns water droplets into atomized particles that hit your dishes at high pressure, knocking crumbs, sauces, oils, butter, or any other food right off the surface. The technology uses 80% less water and 70x less power than your conventional dishwasher, say the makers behind Shabosh.

Even though it’s pretty compact, measuring just 13.8 inches in each direction and weighing 10.8 lbs (4.9 kilograms), the Shabosh was designed to hold all kinds of utensils, thanks to its modular, adjustable dish-rack system. The inner compartment is big enough for one saucepan, two plates, two soup bowls, 2 glasses, and 8 pieces of cutlery, and removable brackets let you add more plate holders if necessary. Moreover, if you’re cooking up a storm and you’ve got loads of dishes to wash, the Shabosh makes clean-up easier than manually hand-washing all those dishes. It takes all of 40 seconds to clean an entire set of utensils, so you can pretty much run three cleaning cycles in roughly 2 minutes.

With a €119 ($130) price tag, the Shabosh was designed to be a compact, energy-efficient, and affordable alternative to owning a dishwasher. Not everyone has the money or even the space for a dishwasher, which is what really makes the Shabosh such a compelling alternative. It occupies a fraction of the space, and can be kept on any countertop during use (with access to a power outlet, of course). The Shabosh uses 1/5th the amount of water as a dishwasher, 70 times less energy, and as far as effort goes, it does the job in a fraction of the time it takes to actually hand-scrub and hand-wash your dishes. What truly seals the deal, however, is the Shabosh’s transparent design, which looks much better than having a kitchen sink stacked with dirty dishes. The dishes sit in an organized manner within the transparent chamber, and drip-dry on their own without making a watery mess on your kitchen counter. When all’s said and done, you can either tuck your Shabosh away in a kitchen cabinet or just keep it on your counter because it looks so clean and minimalistic!