Shelter and A Hammock When Lazy

Respite is a shelter made for people on the move. It’s red nylon shell transforms into a hammock when you need to relax after a long day’s hike, and easily turns back into a tent when you need the rest. The strong steel tubing that make up its frame folds into a backpack for quick transit. All it’s missing is a grill and a machine that’ll do all the fishing for you.

Designer: Ryan Heiser

In order to collapse the unit, the four pins must be pulled out so the supporting rods can slide up to the closed position utilizing the four scissor joints, two on each side. Once in this position, the pins can be put back into place for locking. The nylon pieces of the floor, roof, and sides all fold into the unit, eliminating the need to remove them.

a) Respite utilizes a unique, yet simple system to transform from a hammock to a shelter quickly and easily. When in its hammock state, you simply pull the four zippers to the floor, which in turn creates the form of a tent, while also making the structure a weather tight place to rest.

b) Shows the parts used to fold Respite into a backpack. Shown in this view is the track that the sliding mechanism follows. All joints are hinged and covered with rubber to avoid pinching.