This wooden table lamp is like a timeless antique that breaks away from the trend

We’ve seen plenty of lamp designs here at Yanko Design, and given the current design trends, many of them fall under the category of minimalism. There are a few that do break the mold, splurging on different shapes and accents, but most would still be considered modern designs. There’s nothing wrong with those designs, of course, but there’s a chance of oversaturating the market with plenty of similar designs. Once in a while, it’s refreshing to see something different, even if it’s something old. Old doesn’t always mean outdated, after all, and they can even be sources of inspiration for modern designs. This wooden lamp, for example, definitely has modern technologies at work inside it, but it still carries a certain timelessness in its appearance that gives it a unique and undeniable charm.

Designer: Serdar Uysal

They say that good design is timeless, but there will always be aspects that lock a design to a certain time period. Plastic, for example, is a modern invention, and the extensive use of metal is mostly associated with designs that came after the industrial revolution. Wood, on the other hand, has been used since ancient times, and it carries with it the weight not only of history but also of nature itself. That’s why wood-based designs feel like they’d fit in any time period or design trend.

That’s the kind of timeless character that the Odina table lamp is trying to exude. To some extent, the lamp is clearly modern with its use of LED lights rather than older incandescent bulbs. Even the way the lamp’s head can slide down or up a curved spine to change its angle is a more modern convention. Wooden lamps of old don’t even offer that kind of flexibility.

At the same time, there’s almost something old about the Odina. The extensive use of wood in everything except electronics is one reason, and the use of varnished surfaces is another. Handcrafted forms are something you wouldn’t expect from mass-produced lamps these days, even those that use wood. And that toggle switch at its foot is so old-school for an appliance that isn’t related to speakers, amplifiers, and sound systems.

The Odina desk lamp’s design isn’t exactly that elaborate and still adheres to the principles of minimalism that continue to be the dominant trend these days. It is practically a curved wooden stand propped on a wooden base, simple shapes that lead to an elegant form accentuated by a handsome wooden finish. It doesn’t really take too much to turn an ordinary object into something beautiful, eye-catching, and yet also serene, just like a lamp that seems to transcend times and trends to bring some light to your life.