These playful pendant lamps are like a metaphor for finding balance in life

Everything in nature exists in equilibrium, at least without the interference of mankind. The passing of the seasons, life and death, hot and cold, all of these seem to balance each other out. Even when there seems to be chaos or imbalance, nature always finds a way to harmonize things. Balance just feels natural to us, and many people try to find ways to bring that into their lives, both on a psychological level as well as aesthetically. It doesn’t always work the way we wish it did, but we always hope that our life will find its way back to equilibrium, just like these vibrant and colorful lamps that bring not just light but also a delight to our eyes.

Designer: J Schatz

Balance isn’t that easy to achieve if you’re standing on something that’s meant not to stay still. There’s nothing more unsteady than a plane on a circle, and yet that has been the kind of balancing act that has entertained people for centuries. Named after the Italian word “balance,” the Bilanciato Pendants translate that playful dance into something that will bring your ceilings to life.

Made from glossy handcrafted stoneware, the Bilanciato lamp is made of two parts that directly translate to that balancing figure. The flat-sided ring serves not only as the visual center but also as the fulcrum of the lamp. On top is a hollow tube where fully dimmable warm white LED lights reside, emitting light through six-inch slits on both sides of the circle.

In its resting state, the lamp is already quite striking with its specular surface and playful colors. Seven colorways of contrasting hues give a lone lamp an exuberant character, much more when a few come together for a lively medley of shapes and colors. The light reflecting off the glossy stoneware adds to that character, finding a way to convey feelings of joy and fun even when hanging still from the ceiling.

It takes very little for the lamp’s innate balance to be disturbed. A soft breeze or an accidental touch of the hand can easily knock it off its equilibrium. Over time, however, the lamp finds its way back to its restful, symmetrical state, almost like sending a message that life doesn’t always stay in disarray for long.

The Bilanciato Pendants are utterly simple, just two shapes made from the same material. It is also, however, a testament to the power of the human mind to see and associate a deeper meaning to a composition, whether or not the designers embedded such ideas into their works. Whether standing alone or in a group, these lamps definitely bring a bit of cheer to any room, balancing the darkness with light to create a bit of harmony in people’s lives.