This sleek induction cooktop was designed to perfectly merge with your contemporary kitchen

If you love cooking but can never find enough time for it, or you’re completely terrified of cooking but you need to start, and don’t know where to start – then you’ve reached the right place. The first step towards having a streamlined and efficient cooking experience is to have an arsenal of functional kitchen appliances by your side. With the right kitchen tools and appliances, cooking can be a fun and effortless process. The right products can reduce your prep time in half, make the little cooking tasks much easier, and help you with tedious and complicated techniques. And one such appliance I recently came across is the Flex induction cooktop by Gaggenau.

Designer: Gaggenau

Measuring 90 centimeters, the Gaggenau flex induction cooktop has been amped with two cooking zones, which provide a bigger surface for users to place their cookware. The rectangular cooking zones also offer users more freedom and flexibility to position cooking utensils according to their preferences and convenience. You can also merge the two different zones to create one singular zone or “one seamless entity” as described by Gaggenau.

The center of the cooktop is marked by a ventilation grid, equipped with an option of air extraction or recirculation, which completely eliminates odors before they escape the system and enter your home. You don’t need to switch on the ventilation system, it automatically activates once you start cooking. You can, of course, control the power levels, by operating sensors, which are designed to “save energy and reduce noise”.

The cooktop also showcases black stainless steel control knobs that light up with a bright orange ring – which is a signature feature of Gaggenau. The intriguing orange light gives the entire cooktop a unique appearance and allows it to drastically stand apart from other cooktops on the market.