This infinity-mirror LED cube has to be the most incredible tabletop accessory for gaming nerds

The coolest cube ever… after probably Ice Cube.

Meet HyperCube Nano, a tiny tabletop toy that shines with the power of a thousand diamonds. Thanks to the use of colorful LED strips and two-way mirrors, the HyperCube Nano turns a boring geometric shape into an endless source of wonder and whimsy. Working almost like a parallel-universe kaleidoscope, the HyperCube Nano is a small, handheld cube made from two-way mirrors with LED strips running along the inside of all the edges. When powered on, the LEDs come to life and reflect off the insides of the cube’s mirrored surface. You, the observer, get to view this from the outside, seeing thousands (if not millions) of LED reflections within the cube… almost like staring into hyperspace.

Designers: Dylan Lovinger and Timothy O’Connor

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Following the success of the original HyperCube, creators Dylan Lovinger and Timothy O’Connor decided to build a smaller, more compact version of their original LED-based reflective cube. While the original HyperCube is available in two sizes – 10x10x10 inches and 15x15x15 inches, the Nano is much smaller, measuring just 5.5 inches on each side. It’s perfect to carry in your palms and comes with its own stand that lets it perch on a single vertice, looking like the cube’s pretty much about to start levitating.

The HyperCube Nano comes with a total of 132 LEDs (11 on each of the 12 edges), powered by a battery that gives the cube 10 hours of power on a full charge. The HyperCube Nano comes with acrylic panels that are specially formulated to be scratch-resistant (regular acrylic is incredibly soft and can scratch rather easily) and coated on the inside with a reflective film that gives the HyperCube Nano its signature infinite kaleidoscopic reflectivity.

The HyperCube Nano connects with your smartphone to unlock its functions (in part to make sure that there are no buttons or controls on the minimalist cube). The smartphone app lets you choose between 3 lighting modes – Kaleidoscopic, Meditative, and Reactive, and as many as 95 patterns that explore color, orientation, and symmetry. You can also customize patterns, adjust their speed or symmetry, or just choose your own LED color and the cube will respond instantly… however, if you want more from your HyperCube Nano, it’s ‘Reactive’ mode is perhaps its most impressive.

In the Reactive mode, the HyperCube Nano responds dynamically to sound. Microphones within the cube pick up on audio around you, and the LEDs respond appropriately to them, taking into consideration not just the beat and the volume, but also the highs, mids, and lows. In the Reactive mode, your HyperCube Nano literally becomes an equalizer/visualizer that turns sound into trippy visuals, making for a rather interesting tabletop accessory when you’re listening to music. It also means infinitely cooler house parties, and if you’ve got multiple HyperCube Nanos, you can even synchronize them to turn a dance floor into a multisensorial “electroluminescent symphony”!

Each HyperCube Nano comes with an optional PowerStand that doubles up as a charging pod, allowing you to juice your cube using a USB-C cable. Priced at $150 for the Early Bird edition, you can grab your HyperCube Nano on Kickstarter. The HyperCube Nano ships globally and comes with a 1-year warranty.

Click Here to Buy Now: $79 $139 (43% off). Hurry! Only 30 hours left!