This modern family recreation center in Ukraine is shaped like a mussel

Odessa-based architecture and interior design firm K&B Partners designed the ‘Shell House’. Led by Kovtun Yuri and Burakov Egor, the firm created this structure to function as a modern family recreation center, located near the sea in Koblevo, Mykolaiv region, Ukraine. The intriguing structure draws its inspiration from mussels – a common mollusk found in the local area.

Designer: K&B Partners

The mussel-shaped home is primarily built from wood – including the structure, and the outer decorative shell. Although situated on a single site, it serves as a home for multiple families. It is targeted toward small families of two people, or larger families of four or more people. If you look closely at the intriguing shape of the structure, you’ll notice that it mimicks the shell of a bivalve mollusk specifically. Two massive shells are connected via a hinge, giving the modern recreation center a completely innovative and unique exterior.

Multiple Shell Houses are placed next to each other to create homes for different families. I, presume, each family will get their own living unit to reside in. A view from the top showcases mussel-inspired cottages that are almost smushed together – creating not only an interesting visual but architectural structures that somehow perfectly merge with their surroundings.

The color, texture, and tone of the Shell Houses allow them to harmoniously blend with their surrounding landscape – hence creating homes that seem to be completely at one with their environment. The complementing homes and surroundings function as a serene and almost calming space to live in – truly doing justice to the concept of a ‘recreation center’.

The interiors of the home are unaffected by the interesting exterior. The interior space is not compromised or sacrificed for the imposing exterior. All the homes seem to be amped with a balcony on the upper level. This signifies not only an abundance of space but these balconies also function as shaded areas to lounge about in during the day. The interiors of the home exude luxury and elegance, whereas the exterior has a raw and unfettered charm to it – leading to a fascinating contrast between the two.

The construction is expected to be completed in the spring of 2023.