Smart tabletop coaster also has the ability to detect your coffee cup’s temperature and heat it up for you

Insulated cups are so 20th century. Meet the ikago Heat Coaster Pro, a pretty nifty little coaster that just heats your coffee up for you. With a sensor that can gauge your coffee’s temperature and a heating film right underneath your cup, the ikago Heat Coaster Pro makes sure you get perfectly hot coffee with every sip you take. No more superhot tongue-burning coffee at the beginning and insipid room-temperature coffee at the end. The ikago Heat Coaster Pro keeps your coffee consistently hot throughout the time it takes for you to finish your cup, and an indicator on the coaster’s digital display even tells you if your coffee isn’t at the ideal temperature, so you’re well aware going in!

Designers: Dennis Peltram and Shuwen Chen

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Practically like a wireless charger but for your beverages, the ikago Heat Coaster Pro lets you bring your drink up to the exact sipping temperature, whether it’s coffee, green tea, or even a cup of soothing turmeric milk. Designed for the home or even the office, the ikago Heat Coaster Pro sits perfectly on any tabletop surface with a minimalist design that doesn’t occupy too much space. Just marginally larger than your average coaster, the product works with any cup you may have lying around the house, but it does ship with its own cup too, making things a whole lot easier for people who like the idea of a complete product ecosystem!

A digital display on the ikago Heat Coaster Pro lets you calibrate the temperature you want your beverage at, while an IR sensor on the back actively measures the radiant heat emanating from your cup so it knows exactly how hot the beverage in your cup already is. A heat film underneath the cup then goes to work, heating up your drink if it’s below the temperature you want it at. Just to make sure you don’t end up drinking your coffee/tea too early or too late, an indicator on the ikago Heat Coaster Pro’s display tells you when your drink’s too hot (with a red line), too cool (with a blue line), or just perfect (with a green line). Goldilocks would just love this little contraption!

The ikago Heat Coaster Pro comes with a working range of 105°F to 175°F (40°C-80°C) and fits practically any existing mug you may have, including ones made from ceramic, glass, or even stainless steel. The coaster automatically detects when a cup’s been placed on it and only works during that time. Lift the cup off and the heating film automatically deactivates to prevent any accidents. It remembers the temperature from your previous use-cycle, so you don’t need to program the coaster every single time, and unlike its other competitors, the ikago Heat Coaster Pro can actively measure how hot or cool your drink is so that every sip you have is as good as the last!

Click Here to Buy Now: $59. Hurry, for a limited time only!