Cisco Home Hub helps manage smart devices, data, more securely at home

We’re already so used to having all of our data on a cloud that we rarely think about all of our personal information, photos, videos, and other data just floating around there in unknown locations. Well, we only become aware when a data breach or something similar is publicized. But more often than not, we implicitly trust these servers to protect our data. But what if you could have your own, private cloud in a secure location, specifically your home or your office?

Designer: Heinrich Zaunschirm and Emile Chuffart for Cisco

The Cisco Home Hub looks like a simple smart speaker hub in terms of its design. But when it comes to functionality, it’s something that brings you data security from the comfort of your own home. It is a modular and upgradable home hub since users’ needs usually change or are in need of upgrading every once in a while. The base station has a 5G router that is protected with a firewall so you know that all your data stored and connected devices are more secure than when it’s hosted somewhere else.

The base can be extended by adding network-attached storage which you can add or remove if it needs to be used in another place or attached somewhere else. All the data as well as your connected smart home devices are also easily accessed and managed through an on-device system. You have a display on top of the base with a home control and file manager although you can also access these through a smartphone app.

The Cisco Home Hub may be a necessary addition to your home devices especially if you have multiple users, devices, and data that need to be managed more securely. The minimalist look with light, pastel colors as well as the user interface and device design itself seems pretty accessible and not hard to use and manage.