J-Shape USB with Super Display

Ever picked that USB flash drive up and wondered, gee, I know I’ve got some super important stuff on here that I can’t get rid of yet, but I wonder if there’s enough space left for my new drunken bash photo collection? I wonder that all the time! About the space, not so much the drunken bash. But you never know! That’s what this design is all about! Check the percentage – or the MB! – or the name!

This super-simple USB flash drive device holds files. It plugs into your computer, really simple, and holds items like a folder would, helping you transfer from one computer to another.

But that’s normal! What this one innovates on is the display. Where most flashdrives are blank or just have the size of the drive printed on the side, this one has a display which shows the actual space left! Not only that, when plugged in, this lovely thang has options to change that display to things like percentage, names, symbols, lots o’ stuff.

How it keeps enough power to display these things when it’s not plugged in is beyond me, but may well be a super-secret guarded by this fantastic designer indeed.

Designer: Sokolova Ekateryna