Incredibly customizable tablet PC with detachable kickstand and very intriguing stylus design

Tablet PCs have evolved a great deal over the years. So much so that professional-level tablets with stylus are now available in small, medium and large sizes, catering to all user types. Posing another exquisite option to the curious, Sebastian Medrano Casas has designed a multi-touch capable and customizable pen tablet inspired by Bush Color and Copoc Official. The Labl – Pen Tablet is modeled in solid works and has nine shades to go on, which are downloadable for free.

Creative tablets with their own exquisite pen stylus include of range of choices and offer creative opportunities. The line-up of such tablets is a great way to start off, especially if you’re into sketching, creating and photo activities. These tablets provide a great pen experience to make sure there is nothing simpler for creatives to work on; for most the experience with the stylus and these tablets is as natural as working on paper or canvas.

Designer: Sebastian Medrano Casas

To that accord, Labl doesn’t have much to say, but the renders here speak volumes about the creativity, possibility, and customization likely with this tablet engineered with innards to run Photoshop amicably in a very personalized form factor. Delivered in 9 plastic textures, the designer offers for free download, the tablet with pen allows every user to achieve a personalized tablet in a choice of their preferred hue. Sebastian is an industrial designer with a focus on 3D artistry, and the Labl – pen tablet is an intriguing representation of the designer’s capabilities and a tablet’s productive feasibility.

With the color options, typical nuances like the customizable layout, attachable/detachable kickstand, and a very interesting stylus design; the Labl – pen tablet is very close to a kid’s tablet intrinsically, but from how we understand, it is a very prolific device for the workaholics with productivity features most sought out by serious creative enthusiasts. What’s even more interesting: if you have the bent, is that it wouldn’t cost you a fortune to get started with the Labl. Just download the plastic textures and go ahead customizing your tablet!