This lightweight portable EVA-foam cooler can keep your drinks chilled for an entire weekend

It’s adorably compact, easy to carry, leak-proof, and keeps its contents chilled without requiring any power. Oh, it floats on water too!

Built from soft, shock-absorbing, yet sturdy EVA foam, the eponymously named FOAM portable cooler ticks all boxes. Combining the best parts of your fabric-based cooler bags and the large and clunky (yet effective) rugged coolers, FOAM is built to be light but durable, compact but all-accommodating, leak-proof yet easy to clean. Moreover, its thermal insulation abilities allow it to keep things chilled for up to 72 hours, going well above and beyond what other coolers (of the same weight-class and portability) can do.

Designer: ENDEAVOR Design

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The name FOAM gives you all the information you need to know about the portable cooler. It’s made entirely from EVA foam (NOT styrofoam) that offers incredible insulation along with a lightweight yet virtually indestructible build. Apparently, you could run over the cooler with your 4X4 and it would simply bend back into shape after the onslaught. You may want to conduct those experiments WITHOUT pressurized cans of beverages inside the cooler, though.

Thermal Insulation – Advanced closed-cell EVA foam insulation keeps your contents chilled all day (12 to 72 hours) depending on outside conditions.

Durable & Virtually Indestructible – Due to its cross-linked foam and rubber structure, FOAM has exceptionally high durability and superior impact absorption.

The EVA foam construction makes it leak-proof (unlike fabric) and also bestows anti-microbial properties to the cooler. This makes it ridiculously easy to clean, and you could potentially even chuck it in the dishwasher after your holiday weekend.

At just 4 lbs, FOAM offers 22 quarts of storage, firmly placing it in one of the lightest coolers with the kind of storage capacity it offers. It’s spacious enough to hold up to 30 cans, or 12 regular long-neck bottles along with ice; and even when completely filled to the brim, will float on water, allowing you to crack open a fizzy one without leaving the pool!

Each FOAM comes in a choice between 4 different colors – white, grey, blue, and pink. YD readers can grab a FOAM at a special discounted price of $49, and can even choose the limited-edition marbled blue-pink color variant!

Click Here to Buy Now: $49 $99 (50% off). Hurry, limited-time deal only for YD Readers!