The Face of Time

A simple yet elegant analog watch, the World Muji watch has something distinctive to it. From a distance, you see a beautiful watch, but at close range, you can see how the designer has placed the dial graphics onto the glass face with such intricate detail. The font of the watch was created to resemble a ruler commonly used for technical precision.

Designer: Industrial Facility


  • Antony says:

    Two ‘nines’ 🙁

  • collector says:

    Wow, this must be the first time someone has printed under a crystal. oh wait, no lip did that back in the 19 70’s….

  • Matt says:


    The two nine’s bit is comical, a little bit of indecision on the layout my thinks.

    From my point of view, it could have been set off quite nicely by incorporating the 1/2 millimetre markers, commonly found on standard rules from zero up to 5 or 10cm, inbetween 12 and 1. or 2.

    Would have given the face design a more distinctive feel instead of it being beautifully minimal but in the same way plainly dull.

  • Wolf says:

    Simple and great design!

  • Colin says:

    Wow, I bet its only worth $2

  • Sebastien says:

    That was your comment? “Wow, I bet its only worth $2” – before mocking other’s work, why don’t you show us something of yours – oh wait, that’s right – you don’t have any.

    This design, although simple, shows alot of effort has been put into it. I applaud the designer for his/her work. A very nice watch, that I’m sure many would (or do already) appreciate.

  • ronb says:

    I love this watch but can’t buy with my deflated american dollars. Any clues on a site that sells the world muji watch? Thanks.

  • Wen says:

    I visited 3 stores in London in late October 2008, they only had one or two left for the Wall Clock series.

    I want to buy one !

  • Woolhouse says:

    I found one on Craigslist!
    lol, can’t believe it!

  • Dan Sisco says:

    So…. your saying its a watch….. a simple watch…. thats probably worth a bit over $2

  • Dan Sisco says:

    So…. your saying its a watch….. a simple watch…. thats probably worth a bit over $2

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