Why Not Take It With You?

I know there are times that you are out at a restaurant and want to take the drinks you have with you. What happens when you are walking out to the car with too many things in your hands and you wish you would have asked for a drink carrier? Now we have the answer for you. Take Bundle Box with you wherever you go, so that in those special situations, you have something to tote your drinks and napkins in. With a design to make it look like a face, Bundle Box will have others asking you where you got yours. The cute nose on the face of the Bundle Box allows for you to place napkins for on the go.

Designer: Sonyun Kang


  • Freshome says:

    Great design, in this way a lot of companies could make theirself a little advertising, as people walk on street with this design.

  • Christine says:

    I don’t see a face at all. It’s a very nice design and would surely add to a trend in takeout packaging but I don’t see it as being a personal tote that anyone would carry with them everywhere, I see it as more like disposable packaging. In that case, it would make sense to make it 100% recyclable.

  • amna says:

    really nice & very usefull..but it will be anoying if i’m carring many bags and i have to carry another one just for my drinks…>_

  • sk says:

    May i know it already use for commercial purpose?

  • Jason says:

    Are these in production and if so how could a person with 10 coffee houses in their family get there hands on them

  • smojo says:

    I love it! Where can I get one of these?

  • Sue says:

    wow, such a great packaging!! Love this idea!

  • Eirik says:

    Ive seen those at bigger festivals too. You could buy 100% recyclable cardboard carriers like that with three holes for carrying beer:) It’s a nice idea if you are constantly sendt out of the office to buy a bunch of weird coffee sorts…

  • Todd says:

    Here’s a simpler and more usable solution.

  • Matt says:

    Dunkin donuts is just begging for this product to carry out multiple iced coffees. How rare to find an actually useful, marketable product here!

    Well done.

  • Chester says:

    It looks like hitler

  • Nikki says:

    Makes a million times more sense than a drink carrier that you have to hold flat on your hand, rather than this way where you can carry it and still hold something else if you want. Love it! Want it!

  • Damian says:

    Is a great idea, shouldn’t be too expensive per unit as far as production goes as it’s a simple cut.

  • John says:

    Due to my childishness, I wouldn’t be able to resist swinging the “bag” as I walked down the street…

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