The best smart weighing scale on a budget lets you calculate everything from your BMI to even your muscle mass

I absolutely get the appeal of a weighing scale that’s actually designed to look sleek and weightless!

The Lepulse Lescale F4 isn’t your ordinary weighing scale. Although it looks deceptively like one, it uses 4 high-precision G-sensors to capture more than just your weight. The Lescale F4 also tells you your BMI, heart rate, body fat, body water, body age, fat-free body weight, protein, visceral fat, subcutaneous fat, muscle mass, heart index, skeletal muscle, bone mass, and BMR. Compile all this together and you get data that’s much more valuable than just your weight. These fifteen data points can help you upgrade your life by modifying your eating habits, altering and adjusting your workouts, and overall living a healthier life!

Designer: Lepulse Design

Click Here to Buy Now: $48.8 $61 $89.9 (46% off total with coupon code “YD20”). Hurry, deal ends Sept 14th.

The Lescale F4 comes with a sleek all-glass design with a large screen that displays your weight-related data. Unlike a weighing machine that just records the pressure you apply when you stand on it, the Lescale F4 comes with four discreet zones on its surface that come in contact with your feet when you stand on it. Small, harmless electrical currents from these zones pass through your body, and the Lescale F4 measures exactly how much resistance your body offers to the electricity. This is then used to calculate a variety of metrics, even your body’s bone and muscle mass. Meanwhile, sensors within the Lescale F4 also capture your weight and heart rate, giving you a treasure trove of health information that you can then use to actually track your health goals.

Deliver 15 measurements from BMI to heart rate, muscle mass, etc, giving a comprehensive understanding of your body.

Shows up to 8 essential metrics on the easy-to-read screen. No hassle to check on your phone again.

Equipped with 4 high-precision G-sensors to provide the most accurate measurements of your body composition with division down to 0.2 lbs (0.1 kg).

While the Lescale F4 displays all these data-points on the scale’s large LCD screen, it can also send the data to the Fitdays app on your phone, which keeps a log of all your readings over multiple days, weeks, and months. The Fitdays app can create up to 24 profiles for different family members, and data gets logged accordingly, with an algorithm crunching all those numbers and turning them into graphs that are easier for you to understand!

The Lescale F4 is available for a discounted price of $48.8, while the Fitdays app is free to install. Grab yours now and watch yourself automatically progress towards a data-driven healthier life!

Click Here to Buy Now: $48.8 $61 $89.9 (46% off total with coupon code “YD20”). Hurry, deal ends Sept 14th.