Nike Forward announces sustainable sportswear hoodie having 75% less carbon footprint

Nike has consulted athletes around the world who have a common consensus – climate change is a barrier to sport. To break the jinx, the Oregon-based apparel brand has Nike Forward as the answer.

It’s an innovative material fabrication method that reduces carbon footprint by 75 percent. The reductive approach eliminates some levels of the multi-stage production cycle involving spinning, knitting, cutting, sewing etc. Instead, the brand uses punch-needle machines to turn fiber into textile, while being considerate of it not being treated with any dyes.

Designer: Nike

The result is a cool-looking grey hoodie that triggers a reset in the way we think about material and apparel. Not only is the unique hoodie good for the environment since it employs zero water in production, but also less dense compared to the normal hoodies we all wear. The soft clothing for both men and women will have a Therma-FIT ADV layer for chilly winter days without adding any extra weight.  If you notice, there are no zippers, aglets or extra trims to keep it recyclable to the maximum.

According to Hannah, VP of Sustainable Innovation, Nike, Inc., this initiative is the brand’s commitment to serving the athletes’ by offering “more sustainable options and meeting our bold, science-based impact targets, we’re introducing a material innovation that can be adapted to different lifestyle and performance purposes.”

The Nike Forward clothing and sports accessories will be crafted from various layers of industrial and post-consumer waste in the coming future as a step towards complete sustainability. The brand will ensure that the athlete’s problems are solved for peak sporting performance and sportswear aesthetics for wider adoption with time.

The limited numbered apparel will debut in two options – iconic grey hoodie and crew sweatshirt styles for now. That said the brand has promised that there are more clothing and sportswear options to be added in the future under the Forward line. The two styles are all set for a reveal on September 15, so you better mark your calendars to get your hands on this environmentally friendly piece of clothing.