This ‘50s microphone-inspired portable lighting speaker is fabulous interplay of light and sound

There have been many stylish lamp and Bluetooth speaker combos designed with fashion and function on top of the mind. These options have either been spherical or bulky. To offer a device – inspired by the shape of a 1950’s microphone – designer Alessandro Pennese has come up with Mik – Lighting Speaker, which interplays with light and sound: elements that enliven the environment!

Mik is modeled after the microphones from the ‘50s but it changes the function. The Lighting Speaker is a light source in one half and a smart Bluetooth speaker in the other with a handle that offers it that microphone appearance. Capable of being used as a pendant lamp, travel lamp or table lamp – the speaker lamp supports voice control and manages impactful audio (however, the exact sound output possible is not specified). A smart candlelight speaker for modern dwellers, the Mik’s sleek profile renders it lightweight for effortless transition between hanging light and portable speaker for campsites.

Designer: Alessandro Pennese

A solution offering versatility in use, while saving space, the Mik – Lighting Speaker comes in two parts. Tapered in the middle, the upper part comprises a smart speaker and the lower section is an LED lamp that has a nice, mood-enhancing ambiance. The speaker shell is made from polypropylene, the lighting diffuser has a translucent polycarbonate casing and the lantern-style handle is made from steel. All the mentioned materials are made using injection molding for uniformity in the finish.

For precise control when in portable mode, the Mik features dedicated buttons for power, Bluetooth, and light intensity adjustment on the top of the speaker section. The two parts of the Lighting Speaker are assembled by mechanical interlocks. This allows the light and speaker to be connected or disconnected by simple rotation, making the device easier to service and repair. The music playing light source is certainly a concept begging to see the light of day.