Bottle Crate And Their Story

A typical bottle crate can hold thirty bottles, however the design of the crate leaves room for more to fit in. The Up & Down Box can hold twenty more by accommodating upside-down bottles between the upright bottles! How cool is that!

  • Its inner framework supports upright bottles as well as upside-down ones between them.
  • The number or crates required when transporting bottles is reduced.
  • Storage and delivery are more efficient, and the work of delivery people is made much easier.

Up & Down Box is a 2013 red dot award: design concept winner.

Designers: Jung HoeYeong, Lee HyoMin, Lim JooYoung, Ryu JaeKeon & So ByungHyun


  • Steve Rodrigue says:

    Even better… Using Aluminium can?

  • Jasper says:

    This only works with clean bottles.

    How about bottles with little residu inside? They will make a mess in your crate.

  • mikiadam says:

    Great idea!
    What about the weight? If the crate is full of filled bottles…there is no man who carries them.

    Anyway its a smart idea!

  • Mehdi says:

    Sometimes good ideas conflict with standards!
    Please check out ISO Standard 11228 Part 1,for manual lifting:
    This standard has a reference mass for two-handed lifting under ideal conditions of:
    • 25 kg for 95% of males.
    • 15 kg for 99% of females.
    Ideal conditions are defined as:
    • Standing symmetrically, unrestricted and upright.
    • Trunk is upright and not rotated.
    • Horizontal distance to object less than 25 cm.
    • Height of grip less than 25 cm above knuckle height.
    • Firm grip on the object (neutral wrist posture).
    • Lifting duration of less than one hour per day.
    • Frequency of lifting less than or equal to 0.2 lifts per minute.
    • Favorable environmental conditions.

    Based on this standard in best case scenario the box can not weigh more than 25 kg! In some other standards this limitation is 21 kg! And that’s why a plastic box contains 30 or less bottles!
    Sorry but your box will weigh around 35 kg!

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