Mixing Bar with Dumb!

I’m all for tidy exercise equipment at home or at work and this Bar&Dumbbell fits the bill right. In one clever re-design shift of merging designs, two heavy-duty gym equipments get an aesthetic new avatar and occupy much lesser space. Very clever!

Designer: Jun Hyun Kim


  • jane says:

    I want it!!!

  • Joseph DeRuvo Jr. says:

    I could never imagine working out with weights like that. The platter will always be trying to turn so that the heaviest part of the disk is facing down. The weight is not distributed evenly. Maybe if their were two wedges it would be a bit better, but I would still have my doubts. It is pretty 🙂

  • Diego Perez says:

    +1 to what Joseph wrote.
    I came to this page just to say that.
    Anyway, I could never imagine myself working out any kind of weight =P

  • Bauski says:

    There are bar barbells with gripping and holding facilities so that they can be used as dumbbells as well.
    This way you don’t need any mechanisms that would pose the possible weakpoint

  • Severian says:

    Yeah, would be terrible to use. Sorry, nice try but please remember to research before executing design ideas -obviously the designer forgot this step.

  • hyun woo Lee says:

    Your idea is unique. I like it better

  • Randy says:

    The weight actually IS distributed evenly – the 12kg weight is 3x the size of the 4kg weight, both in weight and in physical size. That shows that weight distribution should not be an issue.

    The same applies with the 6kg compared to the 18kg, and the 8kg compared to the 24kg weights. This is an ingenious design. Well thought out, and implemented. I would love one if they came in lbs instead of kg.

  • Randy says:

    The weight actually IS distributed evenly – the 12kg weight is 3 times the size of the 4kg weight, both in weight and in physical size. That shows that weight distribution should not be an issue.

    The same applies with the 6kg compared to the 18kg, and the 8kg compared to the 24kg weights. This is an ingenious design. Well thought out, and implemented. I would love one if they came in lbs instead of kg.

  • Arga traffic says:

    Simple IDE-A but smart i like it!!!really clever


  • Dm says:

    I think the weight will not be even, however that should not be an issue if the dumbells can rotate freely. The locking mechanism, however, can really be a point of weakness as Bauski mentioned. Even if not, I still think it’s too much fuss. It’s like using some NASA technology to make toilet paper. It looks cute, I admit, so may appeal to girls. Unfortunately (in this case) girls do not really use the bar.

  • design+ says:

    Please goto a weight room and lift some weights for a day.

    There is a reason why things have EVENLY distributed weights.

    Design is much more than aesthetics.

  • Richard says:

    Interesting concept. As an avid weight trainer, it may be useful, but please consider making a version that has an Olympic size bar. The larger diameter of the Olympic bar makes for easier, less strained, gripping.

  • alvin says:

    OMG how terrible! The “wedge’ shape of the smaller dumbbells! Look at the sharp corners! Imagining dropping one on your toes! Ouch! Blood!!!

    Obviously the designer did not think of safety. Period.

  • Junhyun Kim says:

    I appreciate your advise. But, The edge of the smaller dumbbells were made a rubber.

  • Juan says:

    You would have better luck designing this with HEX plates

  • Randy says:

    1) I do work out in a weight room. I have done so for years. I know how/why things have weight distributed evenly.

    2) Try taking an engineering/design course sometime, or maybe physics. Physics would teach you about center of gravity and weight distribution. These ARE designed in a way that the weight will be distributed evenly.

    3) Don’t argue with an engineer (ANY type of engineer) about design aspects. You will never win.

    This is a great design and, whether or not you high school dropouts think so, if you take some time to do some simple calculations, you will find that the weight will be distributed evenly throughout these weights.

  • design+ says:

    1) no you don’t work out. If you do, then you are a moron that can not think. When you lift a free weight, the angle changes constantly when it is on the floor to when it is fully lifted up.

    2) yes please try to take any course and get your eyes checked out.

    3) Obviously you are an idiot. free weight is something that shifts and turns constantly. with stupid design like this, it is both dangerous and hard to use.

    4) Think next time. fool.

  • Jimmy C says:

    Well then what does it matter to you? Now you’re only playing the devil’s advocate.

  • Kevin K says:

    There are only two people who’ve posted on this who aren’t complete morons. The weight is indeed distributed evenly as anyone who has taken a second grade math class could determine. Also, at design+, I don’t know how you lift, or if you do at all, but if you clip your weights and lift with good form, not like a gorilla chucking plates around, then plates don’t rotate a whole lot on a bar. The detachable sections are meant to be taken off and used as a replacement for dumbbells, saving you the hassle of two different types of weight. The bar isn’t intended to be used while the cutouts are removed, although it could be. Great idea, good design, not idiot proof though.

  • kev says:

    how would the plate always try to turn.. it’s willl be completely balance with the extra wedges in:
    1 quarter wedge weight= 8kg
    it’s counter part which is 3 times the size= 24kg

    the weight is completely well balanced, the heavier part of the plate will not rotate at all as the smaller plate balance it out

  • kev says:

    oh my god.. some people are REALLY stupid here

    @alvin: I guess your kind of right… but does dropping a normal dumbell on your toe not hurt already? I think that is the least concern of the design.

    @design+: you are the biggest idiot alive for arguing that this will spin, get your brain checked out, can’t even work out simple fraction

  • ish says:

    cute design but i can tell most of you dont actually lift weights because the wedges arent really dumbells they are kettlebells.

    dumbells have the weights distributed either side of your grip, kettlebells have it mostly underneath.

    now in terms of design the actual weights would work fine with a proper barbell that has ball bearings and spins. uneven weight distribution on weights is generally not too much of a concern as long the bar itself can spin. the heaviest part of the weight just hands anyway. think of how you can lift 2 bags with bar and not be that awkward.

    the biggest issue is the locking mechanism. that would be a headache to make work easily and quickly. you need to take into account stuff like dropping the weight when lifting(deadlifts), a design that lets you quickly take the wedge out and one that wont break after the 10th go.

    i think in the diagram you make the mechanism look like magnets, this could work if you find a happy medium between magnetic strengths(ie strong enough to hold he wedge in place until you want to take it out, but if your taking it out not so strong that you need to put in more effort then doing the basic weight.)

  • grayo says:

    its a weights bar. you people should spend more time in the gym than on here moaning about insufficient shit. it probably costs X10 the price as normal

  • jason says:

    well, i dont know how pretty this thing is going to look if it was made…. but yea like many other people said in here, you need to go to a GYM or health club and lift free weights for more than 6 months.

    You will realize what you are missing in this design.

    – Locking mechanism is horrible in this design. it deals with weight! not just plastic pieces!!!

    – When the pizza shaped dumbell is not installed, the sharp edges will become POTENTIAL HARM!!!

  • Cool concept but dont forget to multiply by two plates. your sheet only accounts for one 32, 24, and 16 Kilo plate. You would need two of each not just one, good luck, dont be put down by all the haters!

  • Mike says:

    Hi Kim : good effort ! we are a sporting goods company and like to contact you for potential designs from you to reliasation in the market place.

    please drop me an email for further exploring of the opportunity.


  • Yv says:

    Change the name tho.. it’s “Bar+Kettlebell”

  • Leopold says:

    Let’s clarify weight distribution. The weight is NOT distributed evenly, but those that are saying this are not talking about the weight on the left matching the weight on the right. They are talking about the whether the bar bisects the center of gravity of each weight.

    When you have a balanced weight, and remove a wedge shaped weight from it, you have changed the center of gravity of that weight. You removed weight from only one side of that weight (not one side of the bar, as you could do the same on the other side – we are talking about changing the center of gravity of the left side weight and the right side weight).

    The issue is now when you pick it up. You are rotating that weight on the lift. And if it isn’t balanced it is a danger. Injury can result. Even with a rotating bar it is a danger because you can end up with a “swinging” weight. Not good.

  • DonDonna says:

    32/4 = 8

    The removable piece is 1 quarter of the entire weight and it is 8kg…the main piece is 3 quarters and it is 24kg so i’m guessing the weight is evenly distributed.

  • Kairgeldy1993 says:

    how many costs?

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