Samsung’s Memory Master Phone

The Samsung S Guardian concept is similar to the brand’s Galaxy Note Edge but exhibits a couple of standout features that mean big enhancement. The first is a double-sided curved display with dual sidebars that come in handy for both righties and lefties. The second is portable external USB 3.0 memory for easy transfer of your work or other data between home and the office. The phone still operates with the external memory removed, so your calls, messages and emails are never interrupted!

Designer: Mladen Milic


  • Jorge says:

    The curved profile of the mobile extension will prevent the user from putting the usb into any other device.

  • Nika says:

    That is true. The extension part could have a flat face near the USB. Plus I feel that the design looks too two dimensional.

  • soo-yung says:

    Guys! This is just an idea… Don’t get into details.
    Think of the potential. In a phone like Google’s upcoming ARA phone.

  • Jorge says:

    True, Soo-Yung. But this focuses on only one aspect of the phone. And that one aspect has an issue. I would have liked if the design showed off more features like the double curved display. That would look cooler, right?

  • Kira says:

    I think It would look simple if the extension part is flat…it’s cool like this with curved profile, maybe USB is a bit longer then the usual – standard USB.

  • Stavros, you should check out the link. It is a kickstarter project. You could fund and buy them also.!
    But it would still be cool to see them being sold on Yanko.

  • I especially love the first two concepts. They look absolutely wonderfully quirky. Third concept is okay. I don’t

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