Because regular Street Lights are mainstream


You’ll see a wide variety of things on Yanko Design. You’ll notice that many of them are concepts that may seem ludicrous, out of the reach of realms. Truth is, we pretty much decide where innovation takes us. Twenty years back if anyone told me I could take 4K video with a phone camera, I’d ask them what 4K meant. Ideas decide the path of innovation, and therefore no matter how outlandish they seem, we believe in showcasing the extraordinary on Yanko. The Eco-Mushroom is a city planner’s most valuable future asset.

Masked as a pretty looking streetlight, the Eco-Mushroom also has an air purifier inside it. It pulls dirty air from the top and releases clean air at the middle of the lamppost. Around the air inlets are your LEDs that illuminate your street at night. Imagine a million of those things purifying the air around your city!

Designer: RISEpad and Tony Thomas Narikulam