This wireless mouse gets configurable mechanical buttons, packs fully adjustable ergonomics

If you are like me who spends over eight hours a day working on the laptop, you must have – for the comfort of the wrist – been over a considerable number of mouse designs. Of course, the market is flooded with products and it’s easy to find an ergonomic, comfortable, and feature-packed mouse for your need. However, as phones become modular and our laptops are able to be customized to user requirements, it is only fitting for a mouse with an adjustable form factor to make the cut, and give us a reason to be more thoughtful of the peripheral we are using.

Aptly called the My Mouse, this raw-looking peripheral here is designed to let the user adjust its comfort, click, scrolling wheel, and the palm rest at will. A godsent idea for someone like me who is pretty picky with my choice of accessories; the modular approach and practical design allows it to contribute to a more comfortable user experience. It will give you a reason to think beyond your favorite mouse, which if you consider, is still made for a large number of users with similar requirements as yours. My Mouse however is configurable to how you want it to be – overly personalized!

Designer: Andrey Avgust

A comfortable mouse, adjustable to your requirement can have a lasting effect on your work efficiency – as your wrist and fingers will tire less – and it will help avoid repetitive stress injuries like carpel tunnel syndrome. As a wholesome package catering to comfort, adjustability, and performance; the wireless mouse features adjustable mechanical switches and packs fully modifiable ergonomics. All the buttons and the scrolling wheel are mounted on mechanical PCB switches that according to the designer can last for a lifetime (50M cycles each). Like the Fairphone or the Framework laptops, the switches on the mouse are replaceable and can be upgraded if need be. The easy-to-repair mouse has a small LCD display on one side to show the battery status or some user-programmable message.

To make it comforting for the user, My Mouse features a soft silicone pad on the top which acts as a palm rest. Along with the height and angle adjustable buttons, and scrolling wheel the palm rest is also adjustable to the user’s comfort and work requirements. If the design and the idea of My Mouse seem appealing, you can get the digital blueprints.