This sustainable multi-stretching tool can be used by pro athletes to physical therapy patients

Gyms have opened up, and our workout routines have finally achieved a certain semblance of normalcy at this point! However, if you’re still a bit of a lazy bum (like me), and actually landing up at the gym can feel like a task on most days, then Castleflexx could be the product to help you take a break from your sedentary lifestyle. Essentially, Castleflexx is “a multi-purpose stretching and strength tool designed to help athletes, fitness enthusiasts, or anyone with chronic pain improve both their flexibility, core strength, and mobility.”

Designer: Dan Castle x Leadoff Studio

Fed up with his own lower back pain, and in an attempt to improve it, Dan Castle created a prototype of Castleflexx with a biomechanical engineer and then approached Leadoff Studio. They set a goal to build a product from sustainable materials that could cater to the needs of a wide range of users – from professional athletes to elderly patients. They crafted Casteflexx from three materials – recyclable aluminum, sustainably harvested cork, and RPET fabric made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. The smart product is designed to last a lifetime and is microbial as well.

An ergonomic aluminum bar features natural cork handles on both ends, while a piece of non-stretch fabric connects to the bar, and can be expanded to create a “foot hammock”, on which users can position their heels. Users can either lay on their back, or sit on a chair, grip the handles, and flex their toes backward, leading to a flexed plantar fascia. There’s also a mid-bar cut-out to add a 2-pound magnetic weight whenever needed for increased resistance, and specialized mobility workouts.

Besides its sustainable construction, what Castleflexx essentially does is, it focuses on the posterior chain of the lower limb by stretching the soft tissues of your toes, foot, calf, and hamstring. It helps your fascial and nerve tissue release, in turn, improving issues related to lower back pain,  herniated discs, and plantar fasciitis. Casteflexx’s goal is to make ‘Prehab’ an easy and accessible process, and to ensure people can prevent injuries from even happening!

Castleflexx is designed to be a portable and travel-friendly product that you can carry anywhere with you! Besides being easy to carry, and user-friendly – it was also designed to have a universal appeal or functionality. In fact, The Atlanta Braves used CastleFlexx in their 2021 World Series championship season to increase speed and mobility! It’s fit for professional athletes to stretch with, but can also be used by physical therapy patients, or even individuals suffering from arthritis. It’s truly a lightweight and effortlessly accessible device that can be used by a wide range of people!