Cyberpunk device is actually a functional 4-in-1 charger for Apple devices

There are plenty of wireless chargers now in the market, many of which are designed for iPhones, Apple Watches, and AirPods. And just like the Apple devices they support, the majority of these have designs that try to match the minimalist aesthetics of Apple’s products. There’s no argument that they’re appealing and even beautiful, but sometimes the uniformity of design can be a bit boring and unsatisfying. There’s always room for variety, and thankfully, some accessory makers are indeed taking up the challenge without going overboard. This design, for example, still manages to adopt a clean look even while adopting a more cyberpunk or sci-fi style that puts a new flavor to the typical charging pad.

Designer: Aulumu

It’s common for Apple-compatible wireless chargers these days to support all three devices. After all, it’s highly likely that an iPhone owner would have the other two accessories and would want to charge all three at the same time. The conventional design is to either have a flat surface for these devices or to have one raised and angled platform to have the iPhone charge at a more usable angle. The Aulumu M01 4-in-1 Wireless Charging Station’s foldable design supports both modes, but that’s not exactly the most interesting thing about it.

What makes it special is its style, particularly the cyberpunk-like aesthetic it adopts. Rather than a straightforward row of circles for the wireless charging contacts, it alternates their arrangement to have a more visually interesting composition. The colors also alternate, with the white Apple Watch pad flanked by the black circles for the iPhone and AirPods case. It has the typical lines, text, and visible screws you’d find in this technology-centric design language, clearly separating it from the crop of wireless chargers.

Another interesting and uncommon detail is an LED light encased in what looks like a miniature vacuum tube bulb. It functions as a desk night light with three different levels of brightness, though not bright enough to be your only source of light. It gives the charging station a retro-futuristic image that you’d often find in cyberpunk designs.

In terms of functionality, Aulumu M01 even goes beyond your typical 3-in-1 charger by supporting the iPad as well, though you’ll have to connect that using a USB-C cable. The cyberpunk design definitely won’t sit well with everyone, but it offers a breath of fresh air for those who’re already tired of looking at minimalist designs everywhere they turn.