Display concept brings work-life balance to a digital screen

With a lot of people continuing to work from home even after the worst of the pandemic is over (hopefully), we are seeing products that want to help people create a semblance of work-life balance. It’s crucial now more than ever for people to make sure that the lines between home life and work life are not always blurred. Technology can play a part in creating this balance and we’re seeing some great product concepts out there that will hopefully become actual products later on.

Designer: Studio WA + CH

One concept that won 3rd place at a recent LG Display competition is Vivid, a movable augmented reality screen that can be used for work but also turns into part of your decoration when needed. It’s basically a virtual divider that uses a transparent OLED screen that can serve as a whiteboard or conference call screen when you’re working and then an AR screen when you finish your workday and want to relax. With just a click you’ll be able to transform your space from busy to peaceful.

Vivid has a built-in camera on its right side which can be pretty useful for work especially when you’re doing video calls. Instead of just being on a small screen on your laptop or phone, you get a more immersive experience when meeting with colleagues. It can also be used as a digital whiteboard for those brainstorming sessions or even when you’re just working on your own and you need to write out ideas on a bigger space.

When you’re transitioning from work to rest, the OLED display becomes a space where you can display things like plants, artwork, or other images or videos that you can consider relaxing. You can choose to use the transparent standby mode or the display mode, depending on what you want to blend in with your surroundings. You can also use the screen for viewing videos, browsing social media, playing games, or use it as your personal trainer with exercise content.

The device is designed to be light and portable so it’s easy to move around in your house. It can also be combined with a few other screens so you can create a bigger digital wall if needed. I wouldn’t mind having at least one in my home especially now that I’m trying to figure out a way to balance work, play, and rest.