Clippy mood light lets you have “birds” around you

Birds are usually associated with being around nature, de-stressing, and relaxation. But if you don’t spend a lot of time outdoors or you live in an area where birds are rarely seen around your area, you probably will have to settle for watching bird videos or looking at their pictures. The other option would have to be placing accessories or bird-like things around your workspace so you’ll be reminded that there are still living things outside of your screen.

Designers: Junyoung Jang and Joonhyeok Heo

For bird lovers out there who miss having actual birds around them, Clippy is right up your birds nest. Well, it’s still a concept for now but I wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes an actual product soon. It’s a clip on mood lamp that’s, you guessed it, shaped like a bird. So when you clip it to your table or couch or wherever it is that you need a bit of mood lighting, you’ll get the feeling like a bird is hanging out with you but without all the chirping that may be annoying at times.

The design is of course, inspired by actual birds. Since we’re all sort of creating our own nests of sorts either at home or in our cubicle at work, then it makes sense that we get birds to adorn them. And since we can’t get actual ones to stay there, this mood lamp may be the next best thing. Clippy is also pretty easy to bring around since it’s just meant to be clipped to a surface and there are no other things needed to make it work (well, of course, batteries).

The product renders also show Clippy in a variety of base colors like yellow, pink, orange, white, and black, with all of them having a white body where the light comes out. They can be clipped onto shelves, tables, chairs, and other furniture where a clip on can work. Just for a moment, you can fool yourself into thinking you’re outside and enjoying nature instead of being stuck indoors, working or staring into space.