In No Way Wet

This project goes by the name °ßWet ? No Way.°® – or “Wet? No way.” and it’s designed by Huang Tai-Shun. What this project consists of is a fold down (and up) package that you use once you’ve been out in a rainstorm with your fold-down umbrella and now have to enter the office or any other place where you’re probably not going to have the opportunity to set the umbrella out to dry it off. What does this package do? First of all, it’s tiny, then it folds out to be a tube the size of your folded-up umbrella. Place your wet umbrella inside, snap on the cover, and wowie!

This project is made to fit most standard collapsible umbrellas in the market – well played!

Wet? No Way. won an iF Concept Design award this year.

Designer: Huang Tai-Shun