Bedroom designs to help you create the bedroom of your dreams

The most important and sacred space in our home is our bedroom! It’s our happy place, a space where we can simply sprawl on our bed and de-stress after a long day of adulting. My bedroom is quite honestly my favorite place and my ultimate safe haven. However, in our modern urban homes, with their limited amount of space, it can be a task to do up our bedroom exactly the way we want to! But that doesn’t mean we do not try. Here’s a collection of inspiring and gorgeous bedroom designs that will surely prove to be major interior goals for you! These comforting and minimal bedroom designs will get you motivated to give your bedroom the makeover it truly deserves. Enjoy!

1. Skypoint Villa

Designed by Reza Mohtashami, this bedroom at Skypoint Villa features an all-black aesthetics with dark wooden flooring to complement it. The open room is surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows, and a skylight instead of a typical ceiling, giving you beautiful views all over. It’s the perfect master bedroom to relax and unwind in.

2. Vasyl Ambroziak’s bedroom

Every bedroom deserves its privacy, after all, it is the place where you can let yourself be. Vasyl Ambroziak’s bedroom visualization gives you this privacy but without the boring walls! Using a glass wall to partition between the bedroom and the raw concrete exterior wall, Vasyl adds an explosion of green in place of a boring old wallpaper. In fact, as the plants change with the season, you get a unique backdrop and of course the calmness of being surrounded by such a green space.

3. Casa Migrante

Designed by João Panaggio, this beautiful bedroom let’s you sleep under the stars! You can even wake up to the rays of the sun falling playfully on your face, filtered through the trees. The space is inspired by nomadism, and in fact the entire house can be built and unbuilt, and transported to different locations for different experiences.

4. Biscayne Penthouse

The bedroom in Biscayne Penthouse features a large soft bed to help you completely unwind and relax. A stunning garden is placed behind the bed, adding a peaceful element of nature and green to the room. A bath and shower area have been integrated into the right side of the room, and you can enjoy panoramic views of the city from there!

5. Eco House Merisi

This glass-enclosed bedroom at the Eco House Merisi in Adjara, Georgia has breathtaking views of mountains clad in snow! It is the coziest little bedroom ever. You can literally take a nap amongst the mountains in here!

6. Camille Boldt’s bedroom

Designed by Camille Boldt, this beauitful bedroom is a beautiful melange of greys, whites and beiges. The windows run through the entire room, providing a panoramic view of the outdoors. The bedroom is an open, and spacious space, with a rustic and raw charm to it.

7. The Butterfly House

This bedroom in The Butterfly House is rustic, raw, and real. An organic wooden theme follows the entire room, with a little wooden swing chair outside the window, adding an outdoorsy element. The rustic floor and ceiling perfectly complement the desert in which the home is located.

8. Casa Atibaia

Designed by Charlotte Taylor and Nicholas Préaud, this beautiful bedroom in Casa Atibaia in São Paulo is a prime specimen of Brazilian modernism. It’s a warm and open space highlighted by stonework, plants, and soft subtle colors. It attempts to be a living space that co-exists with nature, rather than encroaching upon it.

9. Berlin House

Using wooden paneling to create a geometric contrast, this interior design by Max Shpak, Roman Kravchenko, Vladyslav Hreben, Alexander Lukyanenko, and Lena Sever’s Berlin House is a bright airy space without being overly feminine.

10. Urban Jungle

A high vaulted ceiling, a wooden pedestal that stretches up to the ceiling in an unbroken line, and the subtle light underneath the bed – this bedroom interior by Taras Kaminskiy & Veronika Mulieieva named Urban Jungle has tranquility. The light under the bed makes the bed almost levitate, inducing a calming effect the moment you step into this room, draining away all your worries.