Meet these Bookshelf Designs that bibliophiles wish IKEA would make already!

The word that perfectly defines me, and is a major part of my identity is ‘Bibliophile’. I’m a bibliophile through and through! Give me a good book, and I’ll be tucked away in a corner with it for hours on end, completely detached from reality and immersed in the fictional world. My love for books means I own a lot of them, and any true bibliophile will agree that storing them can often be a major pain. Stuffing all your favorite novels into a single space without damaging any of them, and making sure the whole affair looks presentable as well? Now, that’s a tough task. Hence, we’ve curated a collection of aesthetic, functional, and well-designed bookshelves that promise to give your precious books the sacred space they deserve!

The Book Chair by Sou Fujimoto is in fact a bookshelf with a chair embedded in it! The chair can be slid in and out, due to a chair-shaped section in the bookshelf. When fitted into the shelf, the chair acts as a storage space itself. But when pulled out, you can hop onto it and read your favorite book in peace. This multifunctional piece of furniture is perfect for homes whose residents are major readers!

Meet the Wisdom Tree… it’s a part bookshelf, part ambient-light. It illuminates your books and your space with a warm glow while providing up to 5 storage racks for your current reads. The shelf’s angular platforms let you stack the books open and face down, so you don’t really need a bookmark. Just lift up your book and begin reading from the page you’re on. Each Wisdom Tree is made from birch plywood.

French artist Vincent Magni created this intriguing “Geisha Bookshelf Art”! Using 4000 books, he rearranged and reimagined this stunning bookshelf. Although I do wonder how easy is it to find a book in this intricate arrangement?!

Dmitry Kozachyshyn designed the Perfectionist Bookcase! The users can rotate the shelves of the bookcase according to their personal preference and need, and get the configuration they want. It’s a modular bookcase that can be customized according to your moods and wants!

The Albero bookcase by Gianfranco Frattini is an Italian classic that has now been reissued! Originally designed in the late 1950s, the bookshelf is almost like a sculpture, that instantly draws attention and appreciation, once placed in the middle of a room. Made from solid walnut, the rotating bookshelf hasn’t lost its charm in the 21st century!

Timeless pieces of furniture like bookshelves and armoires seem to be most functional when they’re stripped down and designed to accommodate their most essential use. At first, Palmgren’s and Höglund’s bookshelf appears as an ordinary, minimal bookshelf, but a closer look reveals the intricate cabinetry work that went into the ‘Fold Shelf’s’ design. The folding mechanisms that fill out Fold Shelf also allow the unit to shrink down to nearly half its size compared to when it’s fully opened and ready for use.

You wouldn’t expect wood to have a fluid appearance, but with a few clever design tricks, Studio Lorier’s Wave Bookshelf manages to make something as stiff and rigid as wood-look completely flexible! The secret lies in the bookshelf’s stepped construction and a joinery detail that allows each step to slide side by side. You can easily manipulate the bookshelf’s shape with your hands, creating a variety of shapes, before locking the bookshelf’s position using a single screw detail.

The “Read” bookshelf by Indigo actually spells out R-E-A-D! The bookshelf consists of four storage units, shaped after the individual letters of the word ‘Read’. The result is a quirky and fascinating bookshelf setup that any bibliophile would love to have in their room!

The ABC Bookcase by REdesign is a bookcase you can actually read and write! The modular shelving units have been shaped like different alphabets, you can also rearrange the square modules to create whichever alphabet you like. The versatile piece of furniture could be an interesting addition to the room of young children, who are still learning to read and write! A bookshelf that stores books, and is also a book in itself? I would have loved this in my room as a kid!

The Concave Bookcase by Simon Pengelly features an interesting shape that allows it to store a plethora of items that differ in size and shape. No matter how big or small a book is, you can easily fit it into the Concave Bookcase. Meticulously detailed and designed, this unique bookcase is truly a delight.