This unique sand-filled heating pad can be wrapped anywhere around your body, and used for cooling too

Sweden-based Ergostone is taking soapstone, a mining by-product, and turning it into an ergonomic and sustainable wellness product.

Meet Ergostone, a heating pad that looks and feels nothing like the heating pads you’re used to. Instead of being filled with water, wheat, or gel the Ergostone is filled with a fine sand made from soapstone. Soapstone has unique thermal-retention properties, and is excavated in large amounts during mining activities. Ergostone simply turns that wasted mineral into a compress or pad that can be quickly heated in a microwave or normal oven, or cooled in a freezer. Suspended in a silicone sleeve, the Ergostone can then be placed on parts of your body or even wrapped around joints or limbs and used as either a hot or cold compress. Aside from providing relief through temperature, the pad also weighs roughly 4.4 lbs (2 kilograms) doubling up as a relaxation weight to help reduce stress and anxiety.

Designer: Ergostone

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The Ergostone isn’t your average heating pad. In fact, it isn’t quite a pad either. With its organic shape inspired by a smooth beach pebble, the Ergostone has the unique ability to maneuver around your body and wrap around your limbs or drape over your shoulder, thigh, etc.

The flexible silicone sleeve and fine soapstone sand on the inside allow the Ergostone to take on any shape to provide comfort and support for long periods of time. The silicone sleeve itself helps comfortably disperse hot or cold temperatures while the soapstone’s thermal abilities allow it to work for long sessions. With its minimalist design that prioritizes the user experience over everything, the Ergostone is Scandinavian Design at its best!

Using the Ergostone is simple. It heats up quickly in the microwave or in a regular oven, or can alternatively be stashed in your freezer to cool it down. When heated up, the Ergostone works well for pain relief, cramps, muscle pulls, and general stiffness. In its cooled-down avatar, the Ergostone doubles as a cryotherapy device for swelling reduction or sports injuries. At 4.4 lbs, it can even be used as is for weight therapy or for weight training!

The Ergostone is designed and manufactured in Sweden using upcycled mining waste. Soapstone is often used to make utensils, working with properties comparable to cast iron. However, in excavating large soapstone rocks and boulders, a lot of the smaller pieces end up getting discarded as waste. Ergostone uses these tinier pieces, pulverizing them into a fine sand before filling them into durable, ergonomic sleeves made from petrol-free recyclable silicone. The Ergostone’s construction makes it practically last a lifetime, and the soapstone sand on the inside doesn’t lose its thermal properties over time, letting you benefit from the Ergostone for decades to come. Each Ergostone starts at a discounted price tag of $86, and promises the kind of versatility that you’d get from a heat pack and a cold pack combined!

Click Here to Buy Now: $86 $145 (40% off). Hurry, less than 48 hours to go!