Guessing Game #14

If I use this on you…where are you and what am I doing to you?

Any guesses?

Yes, the Guessing Game is back with a vengeance…Be honest, just look at the small pic and tell us what you think it is, the answer is after the jump. No prizes for guessing right, however you do win our appreciation and our salute!

If I aim and shoot this at you, it means you are drowning and I am saving you from going down underwater!

Save Trigger! This 2012 iF Design Talents entry is about a lifesaver that rolls into a gun-esque thang and can be hurled towards the drowning person from ashore. The idea is nice and worth exploring.

Designer: Moonjeong Choi



  • Daniel Rogers says:

    how does the rope unravel quickly with something that is not round but teardrop shaped. doesnt look like it rotates to unravel the rope.

  • tristan says:

    exactly my thought

  • Maxwell Daring says:

    Oh. I thought it would be some kind of eco friendly raygun.

  • alp says:

    trigger itself looks misplaced. you have to squeeze the middle, it could be fired at the wrong time with a mistaken touch ? i like the idea, not sure if everyone would be a super shot at the time of danger..

  • alp says:

    to be honest i thought it was an ear cleaner, and once you are done with it you aim the garbage n shoot.

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