Stool of Heavy Thinking

Since the age of the Bauhaus, there have been many advances in the way of architecture and furniture design that lean not in the way of comfort, but in the way of utility instead. This is one of those things, though I don’t doubt that it’s up there amongst the comfortable set of your oddball furniture collection. This is what it’s designer simply calls “Stool”, but what I’ll call “Frnkwz Stool” for identification purposes.

This is a pyramid. Drawing on the idea that the lines between private and public space are becoming blurred, so too is the function of this chair. Because this stool is intended by the designer to be an expression of the world’s modern open information society, it employs urban aesthetics into its intended location: private living spaces.

This stool takes expanders, objects normally part of the “urban society,” and places them in this optical illusion stool to create stability. Then the frame as well as the bungee straps are in place to reduce the “formal complexity” of the whole contraption.

“In response to the current requirements of society the stool represents the zeitgeist.”


Designer: Lukas Franciszkiewicz

Frnkwz Stool by Lukas Franciszkiewicz