Portable food cleaner uses hydroxyl ion to cleanse your fruits and veggies

One of my yearly resolutions that I only semi-fulfill is to eat more fruits and vegetables. Along with that comes a responsibility to wash them properly and remove harmful elements that may be stuck in them. Sometimes we just do a perfunctory rinse under the faucet but sometimes pesticide residues are still there and may cause more harm in the long run. So products that can help us easily clean our fruits and veggies while keeping their nutrients intact are always welcome.

Designer: Kai Xia

This product concept for a fruit and vegetable cleaner helps out water in removing these harmful pesticides. While rinsing them under the faucet is the default action, sometimes you need a little extra help. This cleaner has an ultrasonic transmitter which produces hydroxy ions to help sterilize our food without needing to add any more materials in the purification process. This will supposedly remove not just the pesticides but any dirt residue that may still be there, especially if the food is pretty fresh.

The device looks like a small humidifier or bluetooth speaker but with holes for the hydroxyl ion purification technology. There are no chemicals or raw materials added to it. All you have to do is place it in a bowl of water with the fruit or vegetable that needs to be purified. You can also use it for meat and grains as shown in the product renders. It destroys the molecular structures of the pesticides and the oxidation also kills the bacteria without affecting the shape and structure of the food.

Since it will be immersed in water, the fruit and vegetable cleaner has an IPx7 waterproof design. It comes with a charging base and it is small and portable so you can bring it everywhere with you. The renders also show different pastel colors to match all the different kinds of fresh produce that you may need to clean. This product will definitely be useful for me if I ever get around to fulfilling that goal to eat more fruits and veggies.