This power station and battery is designed for supplying your home and EV with off-grid energy

With power cuts becoming a norm around the world due to energy shortages, heat waves, and economic fallouts, having your own power backup isn’t just a ‘good idea’ anymore, it’s a necessity. Now in its second generation, Bluetti’s AC500 power station and modular B300S battery pack let you gain absolute power independence. Hook them up to your home’s power supply or connect them to a solar grid and you’ve got emergency power backups that work perfectly during blackouts and can even be used outdoors to give you power without being connected to a traditional grid.

Designer: Bluetti

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Built with a 5,000W inverter (that also handles 10,000W surges), the A500 can handle pretty much anything you throw at it. It’s designed to take over 99% of all your power needs, with a UPS system that kicks in in just 20 milliseconds, keeping your fridge, microwave, TV, AC, CPAP, and other appliances running. Heck, the AC500 can even charge your Tesla if you need it to. The beauty of the AC500’s system is its modular design, letting you hook up as many B300 or B300S batteries as you need (up to 18,432Wh) to fulfill your energy requirements, whether it’s for an entire home, a cabin in the woods, or just the camper hooked to the back of your pickup.

Weighing 66 lbs (30 kilograms), the AC500 is just slightly larger than your average ice box and can be stowed away in your garage or even the back of your RV or pickup truck. It comes with 16 output ports, including plug points, USB-A and USB-C ports, and even heavy-duty outlets for your EV. It sports a display that details your power consumption and even lets you know if there’s any issue with the AC500, although the power station has a comprehensive battery management system, and the B300S’s LiFePO4 batteries offer long-term durability and 3,500+ charging cycles to 80% of its original capacity.

The AC500 can be charged in 9 different ways, giving you the option of hooking it to your home’s AC supply, a generator, lead acid battery, or even solar panels depending on whichever method works best for you. You can even hook two AC500s together for split phase bonding, doubling your capacity, voltage, and power to 36,864Wh, 240V/6,000W (you’ll require Bluetti’s Fusion Box Pro for that). The power station comes with a modular battery system that lets you hook multiple battery packs together depending on your power needs (they recommend at least 2 B300S battery packs for optimal use), and Bluetti claims that it takes just 40 minutes to charge 2 batteries up to 80%. Moreover, to make things even easier, the Bluetti smartphone app lets you see your power stats, monitor usage, and even trigger OTA updates to keep your power station in peak performance condition, so no matter whether there’s a heatwave or a hailstorm raging outside, you’ve always got energy to keep your home and life on track!

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