A10 Holster Backplate with Dango MT05 multi-tool is an EDC for tactical gear enthusiasts

Dango Products keeps surprising outdoorsy enthusiasts with their minimal everyday carry products centered on mobility and modularity, without cutting any corners on rugged and aggressive design. Taking their core motive of creating lifestyle products catered for a particular set of individuals, their new offering is utilitarian at its heart.

This is the A10 Holster Backplate with Dango MT05 to add tactical functions to your lifestyle. The EDC can be hooked on to the A10 Chassis. The accessory is made for individuals who love the modular A10 Adapt Series wallet – virtually turning anyone of them into a technical tool.

Designer: Dango Products

The 18 function multi-tool is designed keeping in mind the most unpredictable emergency situations. That’s why it has got the heat treated stainless steel making that’s high in carbon content. Some of the functions included here are seat belt cutter, 2 paracord tensioners, O2 oxygen wrench, bottle opener, hammerhead and chisel. The A10 wallet backplate (crafted from 6061 aerospace aluminum) also functions as a RFID blocker, so you can keep up to 4 cards safely inside the horizontal rail mechanism. Just so that you know, the MT05 Multi-Tool slips into the DTEX Holster to morph A10 Adapt wallet into a survival tool.

Getting the slot for the credit cards is the most interesting feature here, since the user doesn’t even need to remove the A10 Holster Backplate and the MT05 multitool to access them. There’s a dedicated finger insert to slide them out without any worries. This insert also functions as a grip for additional support while using any of the MT05 multi-tool.

The compact size and the ease of usability of this accessory sets it apart from other EDCs that are more or less designed in the same way, with virtually the same functions with some minor tweaks. Having a price tag of $50 is another aspect that’ll keep the EDC collectors interested.