Motorola’s Polaroid mod brings your digital selfies to life

You have to appreciate Motorola for absolutely nailing its mods game. While the Essential Phone and RED’s Hydrogen Phone made lofty promises but never delivered on their modular eco-system, Motorola, despite being an underdog in the smartphone race, has produced some incredible modules that attach to your phone and give them superpowers. After a seriously good camera mod from Hasselblad, speaker mod from JBL, and even its own Alexa smart speaker attachment courtesy a partnership with Amazon, Motorola’s next strike comes in the form of a sprocket that attaches itself to your phone and turns it into a Polaroid!

The Polaroid mod turns memories from digital ones to physical ones, and from a dime a dozen, to memories that are special because unlike the thousands of photos you upload, download, share, repost, throwback with, this mod produces images that are more one-of-a-kind, to begin with. The Polaroid mod, albeit slightly thick (after all, it fits a printer into your phone) gives your Motorola phone a mod that other phones would die to have. Click selfies, edit them, and print them out on Polaroid’s special paper, and you’ve got tangible evidence of a memory that you’re less likely to forget like the photos you’ve got on your cloud drive or in your gallery from years back. Priced at $199, the mod may be on the slightly more expensive side, but it’s worth using your phone as your camera lens, selecting which picture you want to print, and more importantly, being able to use your front-facing camera and your display as a view-finder so you know exactly what you’re clicking!

Designer: Motorola in partnership with Polaroid

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