Clever attachment turns the shopping cart kiddie seat into an enclosed play-area

You’ve GOT to assume the person who designed the Buggie Huggie had some serious problems shopping with their kids. The Buggie Huggie is a universal device with a simple proposition – to keep kids occupied while you’re shopping so they don’t cry, tug at cereal boxes, or throw stuff around. By strapping itself around that kiddie-seat built into most standard shopping carts, the Buggie Huggie secures them in an enclosure they can’t voluntarily climb out of, and also gives them a fold-out table for playing with toys, eating food, or even watching stuff on your smartphone as you shop in peace.

Designed to fold down to something that’s a little thicker than your average laptop, the Buggie Huggie fits in most standard diaper bags. Its tough, durable, food-grade plastic construction works almost like a seatbelt, keeping kids in their place so they don’t fidget their way out of the seat while you’re searching for stuff in a shopping aisle. The high-rimmed table on the front is designed to hold food and toys, preventing them from spilling out, and an adjustable hinge and double-latch system allow it to securely attach to as many as 85% of shopping carts, converting it into an instant high-chair.

The Buggie Huggie makes the basic claim that an entertained/occupied child is much more cooperative than a bored one. If the child really doesn’t have much to do while you’re deciding between soy milk and half-and-half, chances are they’ll look at chocolates and throw a tantrum, or grab boxes off the shelf, or pine for your attention. The Buggie Huggie keeps them occupied as you shop – with a tray that holds food or toys, or a neat, sturdy clamp that grips your smartphone, allowing the child to watch a cartoon while you complete your quick grocery run. Designed to be compatible with most shopping carts found around grocery stores, marts, warehouses, and pharmacies, the Buggie Huggie comes with a safety certification from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, and even recommendations from pediatricians, especially considering it’s child-proof, food-safe, and prevents kids from touching or interacting with any foreign, potentially infected surfaces.

Designer: Jack Clark III

Click Here to Buy Now: $39 $69 ($30 off).

Buggie Huggie – Shopping Will Never Be The Same

The Buggie Huggie is like a high-chair tray for your shopping cart that helps secure and entertains your kids while shopping.

FACT: It takes only 3 seconds for a toddler to be up and out of a shopping cart seat. Climbing is part of a child’s normal development, but it’s exhausting to monitor them every second of a busy shopping trip (not to mention calming their tantrums when we re-buckle them in their seat).

About 66 kids get injured every day, which means that every 22 minutes, another child is hurt badly enough to go to the ER just from a shopping cart injury.

79% of those kids (mostly under 4 years old) injure their heads by falling. That’s why they created the Buggie Huggie shopping cart tray: they want to help you keep your toddler safe and entertained while giving you back your peace of mind.

Features & Benefits

Lower risk of child falling out.

Don’t drop your phone anymore.

Durable for the strongest of kids.

Makes it hard to stand up.

No more flying snacks.

Compact enough to fit into your bag.

Click Here to Buy Now: $39 $69 ($30 off).