The levitating Evaro Lightbulb Teardrop lamp will instantly capture attention in any interior space

A simple design for a unique approach to lighting, the Evaro Teardrop is a warm and soft table lamp that is powered in an innovative fashion. Devoid of cluttering wires and unpleasant shades, the Evaro resides in a warm wooden frame and offers an eye-pleasing minimalist lighting fixture with a surprising way to illuminate.

The visually stunning idea of the light bulb floating in mid-air, as seen in pictures, is not an illusion. UK-based design studio Gingko has categorically perfected the Evaro Lamp to play with the magic of levitation and magnetism. The floating teardrop light bulb lamp is therefore a perfect way to spruce up a living room, bedroom, entryway or even your home office desk with the mild warm glow of the retro Edison bulb.

Designer: Paul Sun of Gingko Design

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Most alluring aspect of the Evaro, if you agree, is how elegant the lamp is despite its minimalist outlook. It has been designed to fill the space with a winning vintage aesthetic without hindering the modern stance of where it is placed. No matter how much you sit back and soak in the beauty of the lamp, the warm glow of an incandescent bulb is not going to hurt the eye. It’s perhaps going to only become enthralling with time and a piece of art to gawk at.

Gif 1

Easily set up by  just moving the bulb close to the bulb holder.

That said, it’s imperative to understand how the lamp functions for all the design perfection it eludes. Evaro is poised clean on a wooden base that is connected at the rear to a power socket. An umbrella handle-style arm erected from the base has powerful array of magnets on holder where a bulb would affix in a traditional lamp. Here in the levitating lamp, the power of magnetic induction holds an incandescent bulb suspending in mid-air. As you bring a bulb close to the holder, the magnets come into play and hold it stable at a slight distance. The power is transferred wirelessly from the lamp arm to the blub which illuminate in warm yellow glow instantaneously.

Gif 2

The bulb will never drop in case you knock it by mistake.

While merely moving an Edison bulb close to the holder aligns it in place and switches on instantly, gently removing the bulb off the magnetic field switches it off. It’s stunning how the lamp turns on and off but what’s even more exciting is the stability it packs. On the first sight the bulb dangling from the lamp may seem fragile and dangerous. Gingko design team has taken due care to ensure there are no stability concerns: on an accident knock, the levitating bulb instantly clings onto its holder making sure it never drops off.

Your eyes immediately gravitate to that ‘anti-gravitational’ floating bulb.

The Evaro Teardrop light bulb lamp unifies form and function to offer a lighting solution each one of us would love to show off at home. The lamp is available in a choice of walnut and back colors with a 15% discount and is sure to be the talking point of your decor.

Click Here to Buy Now: $152.15 $179 (15% off with exclusive coupon code “evaro15”). Hurry, sale ends July 29th.