Keyboard Solo

Ever find yourself writing out your grocery list for the week and thought, “gee, I bet this grocery list would make a really cool song..”? Well, it actually might be a better song than some of the total crap that is flying around the corporate owned FM airwaves. Yamaha, the makers of dirt bikes, boats and musical instruments, have decided that your sketch book could really use some ebony and ivory. In this case, its more like brushed metal and aluminum. Basically Yamaha incorporated their piano keyboard knowledge into this leather sketchpad and went “TADA, look how cool!” Though this is a lovely item to gawk at, it does remind me of those children’s books that have integrated keyboards for them to press along with their page turning.

Designer: Yamaha Studio [ Via: Dezain ]



  • jin woo han says:

    It reminds me a Hukasawa memo phone:-)

  • igreenspot says:

    it’s not cool at all, I won’t even play it, better concentrate with what to write

  • myotheralt says:

    notebook? keyboard? I dont see any inputs, and there is no monitor or cd drive. Is this the MacBook Air Killer?

  • IrisMR says:

    Now that’s something I’d love to have if I had any musical talent.

  • raleel says:

    I think it’s pretty neat, actually. Compose and take notes about said composition on one device.

  • k9bits says:

    If it had a flash memory port for storing MIDI sequence data, then yes…very cool.

  • Rabid Penguin says:

    What would be sweet is if the notepad was “electronic” manuscript paper, and you could write notes (the musical score kind of notes) on it and the keyboard would play those notes.

  • rielistic says:

    Notice the binding design. Great detail there.

  • johnnyabnormal says:

    I’ve had to compose music on a few flights. If you use Logic Pro, hitting the cap lock key turns your computer’s qwerty keyboard into a piano-esque keyboard with velocity sensitivity on Z through M, notes on A through L + Q to P. Octaves are controlled by the numbered keys. Or, you could just use a mouse/trackpad to enter the notes.

    This thing? Seems strange that the keyboard is closer than the paper. I could see the base of the palm or wrist hitting unwanted notes while writing. This whole concept might be as annoying as someone making a cell phone call next to you on a flight for hours on end. I’ll start bringing a kazoo on long flights if this becomes a reality…

  • MF'08 says:

    i would buy that…

  • MF'08 says:

    i would buy that…

  • markarian says:

    I am a composer, but it would be more useful to me if companies would develop a foldable keyboard that has solid keys. Those rollup ones are a joke and can lead to RSI very quickly.

  • Aksamustu says:

    it’s realy that


  • aquira says:

    handy…for some melodic flashing moment, outside the studio obviously!!

  • lunjay says:


  • Alexa says:

    Korg Nano pad !

  • Jimmy C says:

    This is neat! Now all you need are sheets with music staffs!

  • ricky08 says:

    its…ilike it..

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  • sadece seks says:

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