Want to watch movies while you wirelessly charge? Logitech has the answer


Over the past few months Apple and Logitech have partnered together in quite an official capacity to produce accessories for Apple’s products that help it widen its reach while allowing consumers to stay within the eco-system but not be essentially bound to the Apple brand. Just a few months back, Logitech unveiled the Crayon, a stylus meant for Apple’s educational iPad, offering functionality similar to Apple’s Pencil, but for schools. With the ‘Powered’, Logitech becomes the first company to release a wireless charging pad approved and co-designed by Apple.

While Apple couldn’t deliver on the AirPower, a product it promised close to a year ago, the Powered was designed to provide wireless charging to Apple’s latest range of iPhones. The Powered, designed together by Logitech and Apple, comes with a propped-up-cradle design that lets you dock your iPhone in either landscape or portrait, at an angle that lets you even use the phone while wireless charging. The clever design accommodates for either vertical or horizontal docking, allowing you to either Facetime or watch videos while your phone gets charged. A light on the back of the Powered gives you a clear indication of whether the charger is on and your phone is charging. While the Powered promises to work with all the phones Apple released last fall (and hopefully future ones too), I’m still waiting on the AirPower… and the new Airpods case that will allegedly be able to charge your phone!

Designer: Logitech