Eco-friendly and ergonomic kids’ chair concept is sustainable and functional

Children’s furniture is almost always functional, ergonomic, well-designed, and with an element of fun added. But it can also be something that can add a bit of social and environmental awareness to young minds. In the past few years we’ve seen products that use sustainable materials mostly for grown-ups but we also need to start teaching sustainability to kids who will eventually grow up and be the ones to take care of the world, or what’s left of it.

Designers: Violeta López, Rubén Ortega Díaz, Carla Fdez

The P-LOGIC chair is a product concept that wants to combine “functionality, aesthetics, ergonomics, and sustainability”, four aspects that when put together can be the perfect kind of furniture. The chair is actually also a desk and is shaped uniquely with waves and curves that are not just for design purposes but can also be functional. The back of the chair, the space underneath, and the slits in between can be used to store toys, books, and other stuff that the child may need to be near them as they study, play, or rest.

This piece of furniture is created specifically for children 5-8 years old and is made from sustainable materials and sports an eco-friendly design. The entire chair is made from wood from sustainable forests and the table part is actually made from recycled PET thermoplastic polymer. Basically, it’s actually from bottle caps that have been recycled, chopped, melted, and sanded down. So what you get for the table is something that looks like multi-colored stained glass except that it’s made from recycled plastic.

While the chair is meant to be used by kids, the parents, teachers, and other adults are the ones that would need to be convinced to use something like this for their houses, schools, libraries, or public places. But it’s also a good way to teach eco-friendly and sustainable design to the kids who will be using them (or the adults who can actually fit into this chair).