This retro modern pedal-assisted utility bike is for city riders who value practicality

Everyone has their eyes lit up wide at the sight of a cool bike that is an instant heartthrob.  The muscular build, powerful innards and the eye candy paintjobs, those sexy two-wheelers are blessed with. But, ultimately we all need that reliable city commuter to get us through chalk and cheese of the buy lifestyle.

The DIDI Bike is the perfect example of a solo commuter that’s nimble enough to take on the snaking roads, and easy enough to park in crowded city streets. This two wheeler is more or less built for those quick trips to the supermarket for picking up groceries or enjoy the solo rides on a moonlit night.

Designer: 鲁 艺聪 (Lu Yicong)

An electric scooter at heart, it is pedal-powered for most part keeping the eco-conscious lot in mind. On flat terrain the DIDI Bike is better off assisted with the power of legs – that ways fitness is also taken care of. For roads with slight degree of elevation, the scooter’s electric motor kicks-in to save you from all the hard work. A front carrier is a nod to the classic utility two-wheelers native to the Asian continent.

Adding a modern touch to the classic utility bikes seen on the Chinese streets, the designer incorporates LED headlights, sleek taillights and a display for all the vital details. Things like battery level, current speed and important notifications from mobile devices. The dual toned finish in sea green and grey or the cool white and light grey adds contrasting look for a sober yet uber cool character.

There are not much details about the technical specifications to judge the bike’s capabilities, but it should be good enough for normal city commutes, I assume. A nice blend of classic and modern is what makes this one special.