“Retro Modern” espresso machine gives an old-school aesthetic to your coffee bar

As a long-time coffee connoisseur aka addict, I still get a fluttery feeling in my stomach whenever I see any product concept that is related to anything caffeine-y. I may not know my way around those complicated espresso machines that you see at coffee shops but I do appreciate a well-designed one that goes beyond just the usual industrial-looking ones. I’m still trying to find the courage to buy a personal steam espresso machine as I’m currently satisfied with my simple french press and pour-over stuff. But if I do get around to it, I would like to get something that looks like this.

Designer: Melis Doğan

The product concept for the Retro Modern espresso machine brings back vibes of authentic American diners, old-school muscle cars and scooters, retro radios and toasters, and all the pastel goodness from the 60s and 70s. In fact, these are what inspired the designer to create something like this that brings together the retro design with the modern machine that supplies liquids to all the caffeine-deprived people who go to coffee shops.

The pastel green and cream colors of the renders will look right at home at restaurants, coffee bars, or even kitchens that have a softer aesthetic. Aside from the color and the aesthetics, it looks like your typical espresso machine with steamer, complete with all the buttons and bells and whistles. From behind though, it looks like a bread toaster or a radio from the seventies but the “exploded view” shows it off in all its glory.

We don’t know about the functionalities or any other “bonus” things that this espresso machine will bring but design-wise, it’s very attractive for both coffee lovers and those that love old-school designs with a modern twist. If ever this goes to market, I’d definitely consider having a retro-modern espresso machine even though I may have to actually learn how to use it.