Give your creativity and convenience an unconventional approach with the fresh perspective of Village projector

If you’re living by yourself in a studio apartment, studying or working by the day only to return home to spend time in solitude, – at max with your smartphone – Village projector is designed to give you company. The vibrant home entertainment system, is unlike any usual projector you come by for three reasons: it’s essentially made for single-person households; it’s immensely portable for user requirements; and it can be used in multiple orientations to project on the floor, wall, or ceiling, as and when required.

A catalyst for harmonious experience, productivity, and creativity; the Village gives a fresh perspective to your solitude at home. Built-in with sensors, cameras and a high-end projection lens, it can be your friend in everything you intend to do from creating murals to doing a craft project. It has the ability to become your artistic and information companion, fostering an environment where creativity knows no bounds.

Designer: Seunghyun Ko, Seohyun Park, Minji Kang and YE JIN LEE

If you’re brimming with creativity and want a contemporary way to bring it to life; employ the Village at home for a fresh perspective. Installed in the curtain rail the projector follows the curtain when you draw it open in the morning to sense the weather outside and project details for you on the floor or in the ceiling – depending on how you have positioned it – so you wake up with complete information of how to plan the day.

During the day, you can remove the portable Village projector from the curtain rail and use it where you like in your tiny apartment. Project inspiring text, news, captivating art, or use it to display guides to your DIY endeavors. After working or studying, when you feel tired and want to relax, the projector can let you play your favorite video game on a sizable display.

Sitting on the desk can help you create your private sanctuary, free from distractions while working, projecting your calendar for the day on the desk. By the evening, you can project the screen on the wall and share unforgettable moments with loved ones. Of course, you can do that on the phone, however, screen on the smartphone is too small. Using it for long durations can hurt your eyes. The portable projector can connect to the smartphone and project what you want to see or learn on a bigger screen, so it’s convenient and less straining.

Made in vibrant color options, in what seems – from images – a plasticky body, the Village features a projection lens in the center with an external recognition sensor and a LiDAR camera on either side. A pair of cameras sit to the right of the sensor and a microphone to the left of the LiDAR cam. On the top – when positioned upright – you get the sliding touch control for volume.  There’s no word on the availability of the conceptual Village projector, but we can say it has versatile use cases. You can transform your workout routine by using it to project fitness or exercise instructions in front of you or on the wall and create an engaging exercise session, or carry the projector into the kitchen to project the intricacies of a dish you’re preparing so it’s cooked well enough to tantalize your taste buds.