This dish rack also disinfects your utensils and crockery, keeping them germ-free

Serving as storage but also as an anti-bacterial chamber for your tableware, the Utensil Disinfection Cabinet is a nifty countertop appliance that organizes and protects your cutlery. Designed to be used once your utensils come out of the dishwasher or after washing them in the kitchen sink, the appliance organizes your plates and bowls while also giving you the option to dry and disinfect them. A pop-down hood conceals your tableware, and a simple interface on the bottom gives you the ability to access the Utensil Disinfection Cabinet’s multiple features.

Designers: TOP DESIGN & Yǒkai

What’s really attractive about the Utensil Disinfection Cabinet is its simple, sophisticated, and intuitive appearance. The device comes with a built-in rack that houses as many as 6 plates, 2 large bowls, and 8 smaller ones, and its overall clean design allows it to fit well into most interior settings. The hood comes with a wavy texture that ‘blurs’ what’s inside the cabinet, protecting your utensils from the elements while also covering them so they aren’t necessarily visible to everyone.

The Utensil Disinfecting Cabinet comes with a simple touch-sensitive display that offers intuitive controls. Buttons allow you to dry the utensils, disinfect them (bacteriostatic disinfection), or even set the appliance on ‘auto’ mode which lets it operate at regular intervals. A power button switches on/off the Utensil Disinfection Cabinet, and a countdown timer lets you know how much longer the machine has to run until your dishes are dry and germ-free!