Barbecue in a briefcase


Strictly in terms of size, the BBQ Suitcase by Kikkerland is no larger than an iPad Pro, if you were to factor in the thickness, I’d compare it to an encyclopedia. Yet it fits a fully functional grill into its rather neat and compact footprint! Perfect for carrying around in your car or even on your person (it’ll fit into a backpack pretty easily), the BBQ Suitcase comes in stainless steel and opens up from a tiffin-box to a completely capable grill enough to barbecue food for two.

We’ve seen a few portable grills before. If you remember the Notebook Charcoal Grill, it’s still the world’s slimmest portable grill, but the caveat is that it’s still pretty large even when folded, and can’t be carried in a backpack. The BBQ Suitcase feels natural to carry. It is, honestly, designed a lot like a lunch-box, and a good thing too, because you can prepare some rather stellar lunches on it!

Designed ultimately for convenience, the portable barbecue comes with a kickstand to give it stability, and even an ash catcher that allows the product to stay mess-free. Once closed, a rather neat handle+lock allows you to secure it, carry it around, and stow it away, for another beautiful cookout!

Designer: Kikkerland