A miniature dishwasher conceptualized to do the dishes after small family meals

In smaller families these days we have lesser dishes to do. This is perhaps a single major benefit of living independently or with only your spouse and kids. However, if the fast-paced, workaholic lifestyle doesn’t leave you with the energy to even do a few dishes at the end of the day; it’s time to invest in a compact, desktop dishwasher to do the dirty chore for you.

A desktop dishwasher like the Bugu is ideally conceptualized to do the dishes after a small family meal. The miniature dishwasher, with the proficiency to do a commendable job in its petit capacity, will make the chore feel slightly more convenient.

Designer: Pams Zhang

The entry-level dishwasher, Bugu is conceived with the idea of making the appliance affordable for all. With low-income families in mind, the structure and construction of the device is pretty basic. The plasticky body features a flip-open top lid, with vibrant colored bezels for an attractive appearance. Its flip-type opening with a slight angle is designed specifically to facilitate taking and placing tableware inside effortlessly.

As evident from the image renders, the dishwasher has slots for cutlery and plates – both steel and ceramic – and features a touchscreen display on the front for easy control. The size of the device makes it easy to have your dishwasher installed right on the countertop saving you all the effort required in slotting and installing a dishwasher under the counter.

Ensuring basic cleaning functions and simple use, the Bugu caters to all the cleaning requirements of a small family. As far as the design is concerned, it has a comfortable, eye-pleasing appearance, made certain by a clean and simple design. All in all, with Bugu on your countertop you have a dishwasher that adapts to your family’s needs and is aesthetically pleasing for guests.