Alarm clock concept adds light and color to your bedside

A lot of people use their smartphones or devices as their alarm clock. But for those that would like to keep their digital devices away from their bed, having an actual alarm clock is a necessity. We’ve seen various devices come out these past years that have the sole purpose of telling you what time it is or telling you to wake up in the morning or whatever time it is that you need to wake up. Momax is one such brand that creates Bluetooth speakers that are also alarm clocks.

Designer: mofree design

While there are a lot of Momax products out there, some product designers still come up with neat concepts based on the brand’s current lineup. One such concept is for an alarm clock that also seems like a Bluetooth speaker and a wireless charger, packaged in a cute, oblong-shaped device that looks like a tiny robot. The designer seems to be inspired by a “ray of light” which seems to be what the device will also bring to you when it wakes you up.

There are no explanations or descriptions so we’re basing all this on the product renders on the designer’s page. The LED screen of the device will show you the date, day of the week, time, room temperature, and whether an alarm has been set. The display seems to be “floating” on top of the speaker part which probably has some controls although we cannot see it. There’s a light part in the middle which also makes it like a lamp either to help you sleep or to wake you up.

One photo also shows a phone on top of the device, which the designer calls “alarm sound”, so it may also have a wireless charger function. The renders also shows various colors and color combinations so the devices looks pretty and interesting. I can actually picture it alongside other Momax products or other digital alarm clocks that are in the market.