This bird-inspired projector’s rotating beak is your space-saving home theater experience!

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As a movie-lover who also lives in a small apartment, I have limited space (and funds) for a TV monitor. I have been browsing through options for portable projectors because, in addition to bringing the charm of a drive-in movie, it would fit more easily into my cramped lifestyle. When I saw the Beak laser projector, I was intrigued by its sleeker, cylinder design, as it was such a departure from the boxy-silhouette I expected from similar products.

As the name suggests, the Beak projector from FUFU pulls design inspiration from birds, particularly the toucan, which can neatly tuck its head and long beak against its neck. This is not a new concept: many technological devices draw from animal traits and physicality. In this case, the toucan’s beak helped improve the usability and convenience of the projector. In original designs, the projector’s “skull” needed to fully rotate, which is why the creators settled on the curved shape. However, the projector also needed a mirror so that the refracted image could show right-side-up on the ground. This need for a mirror became the inspiration for the Beak projector’s shape.

I appreciate this design choice as someone who would want a product that was as compact as possible. The Beak projector does not look smaller than comparable devices. In fact, I could probably find other projectors with similar dimensions and weight. The key difference though is that the Beak’s narrow, tall frame makes it easier to store. I could keep it on the corner of my desk or nightstand, and it wouldn’t take up as much surface area as a typical box-shaped projector. Intriguing design + innovative inspiration makes this projector a must-have for your needs!

Designer: FUFU

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