The vertical zoo of greenery


I apologise for how bleak I’m making the future seem. A few posts back, I spoke of a conceptual Space Greenhouse that would loom over the earth absorbing the sun’s radiation, slowing down, if not reversing the Global Warming process. This time, I’m here talking about an earth where mother nature has lost the battle against the humans. In a world devoid of greenery, Designers Nathakit Sae-Tan & Prapatsorn Sukkaset have envisioned the concept of Babel Towers, mega skyscrapers devoted to preserving horticultural stability within a single building. The Babel towers would play an instrumental role in the propagation of greenery in and around the area. These towers would also become attraction centers for us humans, like going to a zoo, but a zoo of plants. Seems a little sad, saying this, but I do hope that we never reach a day where the Babel Tower becomes a necessity. I however do feel that having towers like these now, in our cities, would be a beautiful idea. Don’t you think so too??

Designers: Nathakit Sae-Tan & Prapatsorn Sukkaset.